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Melissa Weiss is a self-taught studio potter in Asheville, NC. All the pots Melissa makes are made from the clay she digs from her land in Arkansas and is minimally processed. Melissa makes functional pottery and fires it in a gas reduction kiln with reduction cooling. Melissa also runs an 8000 sq ft warehouse which houses over 20 artists.

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Adriana Christianson is a studio potter based in Croydon , an outer eastern suburb near Mt. Dandenong in Melbourne , Australia. All of Adriana's work is made and fired in her tiny garden studio that is surrounded by a rambling garden behind her 1920's original farmhouse. Adriana began potting in High School and continued at Prahran College of Advanced Education, graduating with a Diploma of Art & Design majoring in Ceramics. After graduation Adriana started working in the production pottery of Jan Lewis and Tabletop Ceramics as a Studio Assistant and decorator . Her 30 year journey with clay has always run paralell with 'growing' her family and teaching adults and children pottery in community settings . The inspiration for Adriana's work comes from the beauty and intricacies of floral wallpapers and fabrics of the 1800's, (especially William Morris and Liberty) also the blue and white Willow pattern dinnerware, which she constantly collects.

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David Voorhees is a western North Carolina potter. David has spent 40 years working in wood-fired porcelain and stoneware, oxidation porcelain, and a bit of raku. David is relatively new to wood-firing with his own wood kiln since 2009. He is passionate about this process, the community it requires, and the rebirth it has caused in his artist journey.

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Anna Eaves is the owner, designer, and ceramic artist behind Arrow + Sage, her brand and studio based in Raleigh, NC.  Anna is a native North Carolinian and self taught potter with early instruction coming from her mother, also a potter.  Ceramics from Arrow + Sage are handbuilt utilizing high quality clays and glazes.  She retails her work online and around the globe in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and has recently received recognition from Elle Decoration and Vogue UK.

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Minah Kim was born in 1991 in a small and complex city with lots of people and buildings. The city was always lit up with lights even in very late night til dawn. Minah often enjoyed playing with her camera and catching those lights from the buildings. To Minah the lights shining over the window seemed like stars. Naturally she got to think about the life of individual a lot in the city that never sleeps. The individuals she observed were usually her peers. She became more interested to observe the changes happening around those individuals. She constantly drew and tried different material rather than only-using ceramics and has interests in philosophy.


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Tim See fancies himself as a studio potter that loves wood firing. Tim's work is primarily wheel thrown industrial forms, decorated with a sprawling narrative. When Tim is not stacking wood, he teaches at a wonderful studio called Clayscapes.

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In 1993 Simon Levin fell in love with the movement of flame through a wood-kiln. Its sensuous quality is something Simon seeks to capture in his work. This quest led Simon to an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa. Recently the work explores the deep, dark, primal connections between all of us. Simon owns Mill Creek Pottery in Wisconsin, where he and his apprentices work to advance the cause of wood-fired pottery.

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Richard Peterson is currently working on his MFA candidacy at The University of Arkansas, and received a BFA at the University of Akron in Ohio. Richard has spent almost all of his life within Northeast Ohio, which is where most of Richard's narrative is based. Recently Richard dove into graduate school headfirst where he is currently continuing his education and expansion as an artist, as well as an individual. Richard's work has been published in Clay Times December 2014 issue, Graphic Clay: Ceramic Surfaces and Printed Image Transfer Techniques (Lark Books 2015). and will be published in American Craft Magazine in Feb-March of 2016.

Richard has also had the privilege to have his work shown at Charlie Cummings Gallery, Forum Artspace, AKAR Gallery, Red Star Studios, Baltimore Clayworks, Morean Art Center, and awarded Honorable Mention at "Drink This" juried by Sam Chung at Workhouse Ceramics in Virginia.

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