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Robert Chamberlin is a conceptual artist living and working in Boston, Massachusetts where he recently received his MFA from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Art. Working across media (photography, performance, ceramics etc.) to express ideas and promote conversation. Robert is often at the focus of his work. Tackling projects that channel a contemporary socio-political issues like surveillance, sexuality, and domesticity through a personal lens. 

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Chris Taylor works as a ceramicist in Devon, the South West of England. His current work, the ornamental vase series, consists of thrown vases decorated using a variety of techniques that are reminiscent of historical vessels.

He currently lectures at Plymouth College of Art.

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Sue Tirrell is a ceramic artist living and working in Paradise Valley, Montana.  She holds a BFA from Alfred University and spent many years teaching ceramics in school, museum and community settings before becoming a full-time studio artist in 2008.

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Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke, are studio potters who live and work in central North Carolina, in a celebrated and unique community known as the Seagrove Potters.  This husband and wife team own and operate Bulldog Pottery, one of the more than 60 ‘open to the public’ potteries, nestled in the scenic countryside surrounding the town of Seagrove.  Bruce and Samantha work primarily with porcelains and white stonewares, with an intense interest in glaze experimentation and surface developments. Their studio is a collaborative environment providing each other support to express their independent voices. They make their functional and decorative pottery into an art to be used for everyday living. 

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Sharon Alpren is a British girl now living in Melbourne, Australia. Sharon's background is in textiles and used to be a fashion buyer.  She took up ceramics when she moved from London to outback Australia and (not suprisingly!) found no work in fashion in her new hometown. Instead Sharon discovered clay and quickly became addicted to the process of ceramics. Sharon has never looked back!

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The work of Bianka Groves is thoughtfully functional and has the ability to complete the elegance of any interior space. Groves received her BFA in 2012 from Corcoran College of Art in DC. She taught at Baltimore Clayworks and recently moved to Minneapolis where she now teaches at Northern Clay Center and makes work out of her home studio.

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Godeleine de Rosamel is a french ceramicist and illustrator. After working for 10 years in Paris, Godeleine moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago. She studied art at l'Ecole de Recherche Graphique ( ERG ) in Brussels Belgium.

Godeleine has illustrated a number of books before deciding to make ceramics - which she had always practiced on the side since childhood - a major part of her work. Since then,  Godeleine feels that she has really found  an inspiration that is really hers.

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Brandi Jessup is a writer, a traveler, a maker, and most recently the new owner and director of Taos Clay Studio in Taos, NM. She received her BFA in 2012 from Alfred University, and is currently learning to reconcile her art practice with her new role as first time business owner.

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