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To Nicholas Bernard, form is everything. Nick stretches clay to make canvases for decoration. Texture, pattern and color are successful additions when the shapes are impeccable. My inspirations are many, from the classic forms of antiquity to the simple, graceful pots made by indigenous peoples and the work of modern studio potters. Nick's current body of work deals mostly with simple clean form. Handles and other flourishes are being added again after a four year hiatus. Dramatic color and subtle texture accentuate what Nick hopes is a mastery of the traditional vessel form.

Nick makes earthenware, with layers of textured slip, colored slips and oxides. Multiple gas or electric firings in oxidation to cone 03 or approximately 2000F.

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Isaac Patmore has his arts practice split across many facets of creative production. A full time arts worker, working At Monte Lupo as a manager in the creative arts. Aiding people with disabilities to design, decorate and create ceramics for sales and exhibitions.
Isaac's personal arts practice is split across the work he makes to fire in wood kilns and work for the electric kiln. These two different finishes of the work still show the hand of the maker and comfortably sit together as a complete body of work.

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Paul Blais brings us through the process to building an overall plan to market pottery.

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Alice Ballard maintains a studio in Greenville, SC where she teaches part-time at Christ Church Episcopal Middle School.  She also taught at the SC Gov. School for the arts for 10 years, along with workshops at Penland, Arrowmont, Odyssey and for the American Crafts Council Southeast. Collections include the Renwick Gallery (DC), Mint Museum (NC), Resen Cermic Collection (Macedonia), state art collection in TN and SC. She received a Fulbright to study in India and an SCArtsCom Individual Fellowship Grant.  Represented by Blue Spiral 1 (NC), Hodges Taylor (NC) The Tao Evolution (Hong Kong)

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Kip O’Krongly earned a BA from Carleton College in 2001 and continued her ceramics education in studios across the country before returning to Minnesota as the Northern Clay Center Fogelberg Fellow, Materials Technician, and then Anonymous Potter Studio Fellow.  Kip has been featured as a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist, on the cover of Pottery Making Illustrated, and was the Best in Show winner of Strictly Functional Exhibition in 2011.  She exhibits work and teaches workshops across the country, is included in a number of ceramic publications and was awarded a $25,000 McKnight Artist Grant in 2014.  O’Krongly currently maintains a studio in Northfield, Minnesota.

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Frances Palmer has been making ceramics since 1987. Frances was trained as an art historian, yet has always made work with her hands. First as a printmaker and now as a potter and gardener. Frances loves the process of changing ideas into form. She doesn't make or grow things to hold onto them, but rather to send them out into the world for others to live with and enjoy. Her handmade ceramics are functional art – dishware or vases that can be used on a daily basis. Each piece, no matter how large or small, is considered and individual.
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Mary Lou Zeek is a graduate from Western Oregon University and was a studio artist for 28 years as a ceramic artist. Mary knew the skill and passion artists pour into their work. Mary has supported the arts through her work on the Oregon Artists Series Foundation and the Salem Public Art Commission. But mostly Mary has supported the arts through the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.

When Mary first opened the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in 2001, her vision was to honor artists and their creations, and to push the limits of what a small gallery could do. Even though Mary's gallery only had 700 square feet of space, she specialized in shows and events that went way beyond the gallery doors. She partnered with small non-profits, other retailers and large organizations to stage some amazing collaborative art shows and events. Mary's gallery received a number of local, state and national awards.

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Kajsa Leijström lives in the most southern part of Sweden, which is a popular tourist destination. Kajsa has been running her own pottery studio since 1999 and most of her production is wheel-thrown functional ceramics. About three years ago, Kajsa made a major change in her work and started to make high fired stoneware.

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Ann Rea abandoned art for over a decade. When she returned to art Ann wowed the artist world in 2004 with vivid landscapes of the vineyards of California. In less than a year of starting her art business Ann was profitable. Since then Ann has added to her business of amazing canvas works prints, postcards, public speaking, and artist coaching. Ann is voice worthy of our ears.

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