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Bryan Wilkerson is a Tennessee Native and Professor of Art and Design at Roane State Community College. Bryan's creative practices are focused primarily on Ceramics and Public Art but extends into design and drawing. Bryan's work explores humor, craft, irony, and play through common symbolic references. Bryan is also the creator and director of the ArtMobile traveling gallery and pop up workshop space.

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Dana Gabel produces ceramic work that is functional with a sculptural flare. Born and raised in Bronx, NY she now resides Pennsylvania. After obtaining a BA in Visual Art she currently continues to refine her work, showing predominately in Northeastern Pennsylvania but also displaying work in parts of the U.S.

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Danny Meisinger have been a potter now for about 30 years. Danny has taken a few college classes but is mostly self taught.  Once Danny began making work worth keeping, he has had about 4 evolutions of work, with the forth being pretty new right now.  Danny is married and has four children and two grandchildren. 

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Amy Noel grew up in Nova Scotia and was certified as an art teacher and eventually moved to Japan. Amy lived in the Japanese countryside for 3 years and was a member of a community pottery center for her last 1.5 years. Amy came back to Nova Scotia and has been making and selling pottery since 2013. Amy is inspired by Wabi Sabi and Nova Scotia culture, attempting to combine the two in her pottery. Amy has a 2 year old and 3 year old (daughters).

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After graduating from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, former product designer Gabrielle Burke founded g ceramic & co. Gabrielle was enamored by the way ceramic objects habitat in our daily lives. For her it is amazing how people rely on objects such as mugs and bowls and have an interpersonal relationship with them. Gabrielle creates work for wedding registries, restaurants, online, retail, markets, and is also available by appointment at her studio on Alberta & 5th Avenue in Vancouver, BC.

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In 1980 Dale and Liane Maddox purchased a century old,  two story corner building in Hardy Arkansas, a sleepy resort town on the Spring River.  The building had been neglected, but with much preservation effort, it was eventually listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Arkansas.  
Melding their work ethics and skills, they established their pottery studio and  began a retail shop (Hardy Pottery) to sell their work and the work of other artist/craftsmen, earning a nomination as one of the top 100 sellers of American Handcrafts from Niche Magazine of Philadelphia.    Somehow the combination of a pottery , retail,  and raising 4 children was managed with a chaotic balance. 
In 2016, they reached a decision to sell the building and retail business.  They established a new workshop on Petit Jean Mountain, in central Arkansas, just West of Little Rock,   Now under the name,  Old Dog Pottery, they produce a variety of gas fired stoneware for their former business and new clients gained in central Arkansas.   At a less frenetic pace, they are exploring earthen ware, cone 6 electric and reduction firing, and have time for welcome interruptions such as grandchildren and casual visitors.
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Anastasia Ceramum is a ceramic artist living in Moscow, Russia. Anastasia has built a thriving business catering to other businesses that need ceramic items to be made for them. She has employees and is making a a great go at it in Moscow.

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