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Frank James Fisher is an American ceramic artist. Frank’s ceramic work is unique and strongly influenced by the graphic design principles developed during his extensive advertising career. Frank has worked in the Detroit advertising industry since entering the commercial art field in 1985. Adept as a professional designer, writer and illustrator, Frank is known and recognized for his graphic design narratives in the ceramic medium. As an advertising ‘insider’ who is experienced in marketing and public relations, he applies this knowledge to promote his art.

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Bronwyn Clarke makes a range of wheel thrown gas fired utilitarian and exhibition pieces from a mix of local, Deep Bay, wild clay, and commercial clays. Bronwyn has developed her own Cone 10 glazes, the colors of which are inspired by the subtle hues of the Tasmanian landscape. Bronwyn is also Chair of The Australian Ceramics Triennale Tasmania 1 - 4 May Hobart, Tasmania, 2019.

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Aaron Ligon is a ceramic artist living in Charlotte, NC. Aaron’s work is primarily in earthenware or porcelain. Forms are wheel-thrown, sometimes altered, and heavily carved with simple glazing. Aaron maintains a studio at Clayworks and at home.  Aaron’s work is sold at the “New Gallery of Modern Art” in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina

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Matt was raised a Navy Brat.  While in high school he found clay.  Matt is a graduate of the University of Iowa(Go Hawkeyes!) and is married with two sons (21 & 23). He lives in Iowa and has been a  guest artist/volunteer/instructor at Augustana College since 2008.

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Samirah Steinmeyer began her small batch pottery business, Seedling Clayworks, in 2012. She has a bachelors degree in fine arts and a masters degree in landscape architecture. Her mother, a ceramics teacher, taught Samirah the basics of wheel throwing and hand building. She has been learning new techniques, improving her skills through practice and developing designs ever since. Landscapes, especially public lands, are her primary source of inspiration.

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Tony Young is a high school art instructor in Ohio. Tony recently ventured into the world of cup making and he slipcasts his Tumblers and throws his mugs on the wheel. Many of Tony's finishes are inspired by graffiti and his recent travels abroad. Tony is interested in recreating textures, layering bold text and imagery, while mixing in elements of my own design work. I like to work in sections, but am constantly experimenting trying to push the medium.

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“Whether working in clay, fabric, or found objects, my practice regularly engages with and supports me in learning the nature of and possibilities within “free” materials around me. I am drawn to looking closely and discovering the raw and profoundly resonant power of the unseen and unassuming.” —Angela White

Angela White received her MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and BFA in Ceramics from the University of Akron, Myers School of Art, Akron, Ohio.

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Ceramic artists Jerri Puerner and Jeff Ham teamed up in 2018 to make a plate a day and post works in progress and finished pieces on Instagram at @365.plates.

They maintain studio space at the Grand Rapids Pottery in Michigan.

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