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Brett Freund grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and received his MFA from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. Brett was a resident at St. Petersburg Clay and a fellowship artist at Baltimore Clayworks.  In 2012 Brett was a Ceramics Monthly emerging artist and just recently was awarded the 2015 Jerome Ceramic Artists Project Grant from Northern Clay Center.

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Son of an inventor/motorcycle racer & a warrior princess/homemaker, Michael Sherrill has lived in the western North Carolina mountains since 1974.  He considers himself a materials-based artist, experimenting in metal, clay, and glass.  At the heart of his interest is the intersection of where humans and materials meet in both handmade objects and the natural world.

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Old-time Radio used to be the movies of the day. Today's show is focused on an old-time radio show called The Potters of Firsk. Enjoy a bit of nostalgia and discover the power of the potter!

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Mea Rhee is a working potter based in Maryland. Her work is modern and rustic, with Asian sensibilities. She launched Good Elephant Pottery as a part-time business in 2002, and grew it into a full-time business by 2010.

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Tiffany Hilton is a studio potter and teacher who has been working with clay for over twenty years. After studying at State University of New York, at New Paltz she apprenticed with Kit Cornell in Exeter, NH for three years and established her own pottery in 2005. She enhances her own knowledge and passion for teaching ceramics by attending workshops herself each year and has studied with Cynthia Bringle, Karen Karnes, Makoto Yabe, Phil Rogers, Mark Shapiro, Barbara Knutson, Hayne Bayless, Deborah Schwarzkopf, Kevin Snipes and Catherine White. Tiffany's work can be seen on the dinner table of many people’s homes and at Pinch Gallery in Northampton.

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Handmade pots hold meaning to Corey Johnson for the time and dedication it takes to make and design them.  It is a combination of these aspects that invite people to use pots and makes them hold value in their daily lives. These pieces may serve as vessels for daily meals or be placed in a home for decoration. Corey is fascinated in the value and purpose his work can serve in this context.  These ideas and concepts encourage Corey to enhance the pottery he makes to provide a more meaningful experience to a morning coffee break or family dinner. When using handmade pots there is a connection between the maker and the user.  Corey is interested in how his ideas and thoughts for forming and finishing his work can translate into where and how someone else may use them in their own life. 

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Connee Mayerson has worked as an artist for 43 years, primarily in ceramics. Connee makes high fire, one of a kind, functional porcelain pots. Connee's work is organic and her influence is everything that surrounds herConnee also works in stone mosaic public art, shell work, and figurative painting in water colors and egg tempura.

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Amy Sanders is a mom, wife, and potter whose earthenware vessels create a balance of visual elements of form, texture and pattern with utility. She currently works as a studio artist, teaches adult handbuilding classes at Clayworks Studio, and conducts workshops across the United States.

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The majority of Kim-Anh Nguyen's work is based on the process of coiling, a simple technique which has been used from the earliest times. The inspiration came from indigenous cultures’ traditional woven textile and basketry.

Underlying Kim-Anh's work is a profound respect for the historical and cultural significance of indigenous people (the Montagnards, or mountain people of Vietnam and the Aborigines of Australia). Most of the works depict aspects of the landscape, which is crucial to all indigenous peoples.

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