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Patick Noe graduated in 1980 with an art major from the College of Charleston in Charleston SC. Patrick's emphasis was on painting, but he also took sculpture and printmaking. After college Patrick worked in clay for 20 years but wanted to get back into painting without having to give up clay. He started to experiment with using woodcuts to create relief in clay slabs and then painting and firing them in his kiln. This technique grew more refined and complicated and into the unique art form that Patrick produces today.

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Robert Briggs has been a potter in Springfield Missouri for around 20 years.  Robert has been a semi full-time potter sinse around 2006. Robert and his wife, Ruth participate in most of their local art fairs and have several pieces in local galleries. They produce crystalline porcelain and raku artware.

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Mark Strayer loves making objects and creating pots as become his passion. As an Industrial Designer who works with materials like wood, plastic, steel and glass on a daily basis, Mark really enters a different place when his hands touch clay.  To Mark there is something amazing about clay coming from the earth, a natural, fluid and organic material that truly becomes alive as it moves through his fingers.  Mark's focus is on quality, function, and lately a more rustic aesthetic to his pieces. Mark desires that his pots will impact and enhance people’s lives and they will also in some small way help keep the art and craft of handmade important in our everyday lives.

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Sue Adler’s pottery reflects the many influences from the layers of her life.  Her equestrian passion resonates in the one of a kind horse hair fired pieces she creates.   A love of all things botanical is expressed in her hand built and wheel thrown ware.

Sue, a native long Islander attended Farmingdale State University where she earned a degree in Ornamental Horticulture.   She studied at Maple Leaf Pottery in Sea Cliff N.Y.  and is a member of Potters Council and the Long Island Craft Guild.

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Courtenay Singer is an award-winning producer, director, and writer of non-fiction films and television programs. She has worked on shows for PBS, National Geographic, TLC, Animal Planet, and many other networks, and has contributed to several independent films.  In 2012, she co-produced the ABC-7 documentary "Imagine: A Celebration of Children's Hospital Los Angeles," which won an LA Area Emmy Award.  "Out of the Fire" is her first feature film.

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Brenda Holzke have had a lifelong passion for anything artistic and creative. In 1985 Brenda graduated from The Art Center College of Design with a BFA. She went on to work in advertising as an art director for the following 6 years. Frustrated with the corporate structure, Breanda left advertising to create functional ceramic wares. Along with her husband they owned and operated a ceramic factory in California employing 21 artisans to hand paint and sculpt her designs. Brenda is now a licensed designer for major corporate stores across the country. In 2008 Brendaactively began creating fine art, one of a kind works, in both clay and mixed media wall art.

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Alex Apland is a potter from southern Oregon. Alex uses her pottery not only to supplement her income, but to support a local food pantry

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After spending several years as a fashion and print designer, Judi Tavill found clay about 12 years ago. She works intuitively, investigating and exploring while working on a form. Initially creating unique functional pieces, Judi has veered off toward sculpture and is currently integrating melted glass into much of the work.

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Kathy Catlin calls herself a Part Time Potter With A Full Time Passion! Located in rural upstate New York, you can find Kathy in her barn studio most weekend and vacations from her full time job as a High School Social Worker. Kathy creates functional stoneware pottery made on the wheel, which she claims is the key to her sanity!

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